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Problems We Solve Employee Recognition


Excite and motivate your employees! Recognize your employees as individual and unique by the way you support and honor them with creative tools and awards.


Partner with CPS to create exclusive to you recognition and awards. From clothing to special anniversary products the sky is the limit. Let your employees know their value by how you recognize them.


A family owned, manufacturing company that greatly values its' 500 employees worked with CPS to develop an employee recognition program for service awards.

• 5 year employees get their choice of an apparel item with a special company logo, ordered one at a time as needed and produced on demand.

• Longer service employees get a choice of retail merchandise at varying price levels based on their time with the company.

This hybrid approach fit their needs perfectly and is just the type of custom solution CPS prides itself on delivering. There is no squeezing a square peg in a round hole necessary with Corporate Product Solutions.

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Case Study

A large Chicago law firm asked CPS to help internally promote their cost advantage in the marketplace to their attorneys so they could expand their business within existing clients.

CPS designed a brochure detailing this cost advantage over their competition. By reinforcing the message internally through promotional items with the branding to match the new brochure, attorneys were challenged to approach clients to discuss other areas of their business.

CPS provided gift ideas for those clients who met with the attorneys and in the midst of a recession the firm grew their business by expanding services provided to current clients.