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Problems We Solve Trade Shows


Are you an established company at a show or a new entry in a marketplace trying to make a splash? CPS can help design a creative plan to utilize your budget AND maximize your impact at any trade show.


Our ideas are unique to you based on your goals for each tradeshow. We can support pre-show marketing, in show promotion and post show follow up with great ideas. Get attendees to your booth and make sure they remember you after the show. Turn leads into sales.


A manufacturing company was looking for ways to get trade show attendees to their booth. CPS presented and designed a branded golf ball tin. The client sent the empty tins as a pre-show mailing and offered to fill it with golf balls to those who came by their booth. Attendance at their booth was up significantly as were leads and sales tracked from that show over previous years.

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Case Study

A large Chicago law firm asked CPS to help internally promote their cost advantage in the marketplace to their attorneys so they could expand their business within existing clients.

CPS designed a brochure detailing this cost advantage over their competition. By reinforcing the message internally through promotional items with the branding to match the new brochure, attorneys were challenged to approach clients to discuss other areas of their business.

CPS provided gift ideas for those clients who met with the attorneys and in the midst of a recession the firm grew their business by expanding services provided to current clients.