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Problems We Solve

CPS: Succeed...

We recognize the multitude of tasks facing businesses today. CPS prepares you to be proactive and not reactive to each of those challenges. We are the only partner you need to find a successful solution for your business.

There is a unique solution available for your distinct set of business circumstances today.

Partnering with a multitude of talented affiliates, CPS is the only resource you need to create programs specifically tailored for great success within your brand, in your market, with the least number of processes required.

... achieve ultimate success.

Corporate Product Solutions offers a wide range of programs providing a complete package of services and products along with the ease of working through a single resource for all your marketing needs.

Reach ultimate success with CPS by your side. A CPS representative can lead you in exceptional:


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Case Study

A large Chicago law firm asked CPS to help internally promote their cost advantage in the marketplace to their attorneys so they could expand their business within existing clients.

CPS designed a brochure detailing this cost advantage over their competition. By reinforcing the message internally through promotional items with the branding to match the new brochure, attorneys were challenged to approach clients to discuss other areas of their business.

CPS provided gift ideas for those clients who met with the attorneys and in the midst of a recession the firm grew their business by expanding services provided to current clients.